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Grow your business, monetise your audience, build your brand while making it easier to deliver high-quality learning and increasing learner engagement

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Grow your business

Reach price sensitive customers

Create affordable, blended learning solutions for customers that use Turinglab to help you reduce costs.

Upsell your existing audience

Provide additional value for you clients with an online learning option - extra resources for before, after or during your learning intervention.

Capture late comers

Capture late-starters by providing online resources so they can catchup in their own time and join your live group when ready.

Build your brand

Increase brand awareness

Add your brand identity to our learning platform and be seen as a leading education provider.

More consistently high quality learning

Augmenting human teaching with online learning materials to ensure a consistently high quality learning environment.

Increased competitive differentiation

Use Turinglab’s content creation tools to build your own interactive, differentiated and branded courses.

Increase your margins

Decrease cost of instructors

Using turinglab to supplement education delivery and hire less expensive, less technical, but still highly engaging educators.

Increase value of each educator

Increasing the numbers of learners each educator can support by using Turinglab to run larger group sessions.

Create a cheap-to-run offering

Use a forum or help desk alongside Turinglab to provide an entirely self-serve online option for your learners with greater margins.

Easier to deliver

Less lesson prep

Use Turinglab within your lessons and create less detailed lesson plans. Often a few reminder slides and summary at the end of class are all that’s needed.

Less time marking

With auto-marking and progress tracking, you don’t need to mark students work and get your evenings back.

Less time doing admin

No software to download, easily reset students passwords, no worksheets to print. Just go to to start.

Increase confidence with solutions

Use full solution code for teachers to stay ahead of students and help them without fear of being wrong or spending the time to develop your own solution.

Fewer issues to deal with

Designed for children and young adults Turinglab is easy to use. Problems are scaffolded to limit syntax errors. Complexity builds gradually so students are prepared for the problems they face.

More time to teach

Common issues are typically covered, so you can spend your time more effectively helping bust less common misconceptions.

Better differentiate learning

Suitable for all students, in Turinglab they can progress at their own pace with more time to work their weaknesses and run ahead.

Increased student independence

Students can easily help themselves using hints, concept reminders, error messages and inbuilt feedback before asking a teacher. Great for instilling a growth mindset in your students.

Students are more engaged

Less time spent being stuck

Tackling a common reason for disengagement “being stuck” we provide lots of hints and help for common problems.

More time helping individual students

Instead of delivering slides at the front, you can quickly dive straight into helping small groups of students struggling with the same issues.

More engaged female students

Female students have proven to be more creative and concerned with issues in society - our resources are highly visual and built around themes such as climate and the environment.

More students reaching their potential

Allow your top students to power ahead and get into more complex materials ahead of time. They can become your helpers later on.

More suitable for SEN and lower ability students

Well-paced, gamified content helps to build momentum and confidence in students allowing them to shine like never before.

Better than slides and worksheets. Obviously.

With less repetitive content, that is highly visual, designed for use in schools, is easy to use with interactive problem solving and gamification - why go back?


Fergus Priddle, Curriculum Development Manager, MyTutor

“There isn't another platform like Turinglab that runs students code in the browser in these fantastic problem led widgets. Great for engaging students in environments that are typically really challenging.”

David Ames, North of England Manager, Fire Tech Camp

“Using a branded version of Turinglab for our programmes created a unified learning experience for our students keeping them under one banner - all while benefiting from the great tools provided by Turinglab.”

Kawthar Al Mahrouqi, Head of Department, Diwan of Royal Court

“Really great to work with, provided a benchmark for online learning in Oman. Students were really highly motivated to complete the interactive courses and produced amazing results at the end of our program using Turinglab's platform.”

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